Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pork(y) pies

OK - so I told a porky yesterday - I didn't sit down with Dr Phil - instead I sat down with a packet of Hobnobs and managed to polish a fair number of them off in one sitting. My intentions of having a breakfast this morning which would see me through to lunch time was blown out of the water by the self same packet of Hobnobs (which fortunately - or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it) are still not finished.

Yesterday there was a drama in the family - nothing much - but a drama none the less and so lots of tears (both mine and K's) which did lead to me giving her a hot stone treatment last night. I don't know how much she enjoyed the actual treatment (although how anyone could not enjoy a hot stone massage is really beyond me !!!) - but at the end she said her favourite parts were the hand and foot massage that I gave her !!!!!!

Today I woke up really wanting to get my walking shoes on and get out there - it hasn't stopped raining since before midnight - except for one or two short spells of about 10-15 mins. I am in a bad mood. I want to walk. I want to exercise. I want to get out there. Instead I am stuck in the house. Not really wanting to do anything but feeling guilty because I am not doing anything. I did join FLYLady - my kitchen sink is shiny and sparkly and my kitchen is neat and tidy. This is not too unusual because with clients in and out I always try to make sure that that area of the house is reasonably respectable so they don't think I am a complete and utter slob. But I was glad of the prompting that came from reading Bri and M's blogs that got me into the kitchen this morning.

I did get changed out of my PJ's and 'fix my hair' - I draw the line at wearing make-up when I am at home - it is enough of a hassle to put it on if I am going out - never going to happen if I am just fluffing around at home !!!!

I really wanted to walk today because today was the day I was going to start delivering my advertising brochures - I need the business - I need paying clients - I need to generate some income now that I don't have a day job. As it is I am going to have to try to jiggle appointments so that I can get more packing time at Coles. How come I was so positive about not working last week and earlier this week and today it's like "What the hell have I done?" Can I blame the weather ? I am sure that if it was sunny and I was out in the garden doing the weeding I wouldn't feel like this at all - even though I hate weeding !!!!!

OK - I am off with Dr Phil (for real this time) - I will be back later to tell you how I went.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new beginning

As the title says - this is a new beginning - for me, my weight loss journey and my endeavour to get healthy.

It has been a hectic year this year - we have had lots on the go and needless to say, my health and weight have taken a back seat - totally my own fault but now I have to make a decision on what I am going to do - am I going to continue on the path that I am on - the road to self destruction or am I going to do something positive about it and LOSE THIS WEIGHT AND GET HEALTHY !

I have decided to go with the second option - at this stage I am going to try to do it with the help of Dr Phil (the source of my blog title). I have bought his weight loss book off e-bay and I have a slightly used journal which I am going to use and I am going to give this a go.

I thought that seeing as I was no longer working I would be eating more but I have hardly had a chance to sit down in the week that I have been off (who said Mom's who don't work sit around all day doing nothing ??????). Which leads me to the first problem I have come across - when I don't plan any meals during the day at all - it is too easy to buy something quickly on the run and generally, those are not good options. While I am trying to do this a bit at a time, I think that if I can get through this week without doing too much more damage to myself, I can try to plan next week a little better. It should be easier - no school and K at home to help motivate me.

On that note I am off to do some work with Dr Phil and see what he has to say to me.

Thought for the Day : Most people are as happy as they make their minds up to be