Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pork(y) pies

OK - so I told a porky yesterday - I didn't sit down with Dr Phil - instead I sat down with a packet of Hobnobs and managed to polish a fair number of them off in one sitting. My intentions of having a breakfast this morning which would see me through to lunch time was blown out of the water by the self same packet of Hobnobs (which fortunately - or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it) are still not finished.

Yesterday there was a drama in the family - nothing much - but a drama none the less and so lots of tears (both mine and K's) which did lead to me giving her a hot stone treatment last night. I don't know how much she enjoyed the actual treatment (although how anyone could not enjoy a hot stone massage is really beyond me !!!) - but at the end she said her favourite parts were the hand and foot massage that I gave her !!!!!!

Today I woke up really wanting to get my walking shoes on and get out there - it hasn't stopped raining since before midnight - except for one or two short spells of about 10-15 mins. I am in a bad mood. I want to walk. I want to exercise. I want to get out there. Instead I am stuck in the house. Not really wanting to do anything but feeling guilty because I am not doing anything. I did join FLYLady - my kitchen sink is shiny and sparkly and my kitchen is neat and tidy. This is not too unusual because with clients in and out I always try to make sure that that area of the house is reasonably respectable so they don't think I am a complete and utter slob. But I was glad of the prompting that came from reading Bri and M's blogs that got me into the kitchen this morning.

I did get changed out of my PJ's and 'fix my hair' - I draw the line at wearing make-up when I am at home - it is enough of a hassle to put it on if I am going out - never going to happen if I am just fluffing around at home !!!!

I really wanted to walk today because today was the day I was going to start delivering my advertising brochures - I need the business - I need paying clients - I need to generate some income now that I don't have a day job. As it is I am going to have to try to jiggle appointments so that I can get more packing time at Coles. How come I was so positive about not working last week and earlier this week and today it's like "What the hell have I done?" Can I blame the weather ? I am sure that if it was sunny and I was out in the garden doing the weeding I wouldn't feel like this at all - even though I hate weeding !!!!!

OK - I am off with Dr Phil (for real this time) - I will be back later to tell you how I went.


M said...

Firstly - well done on not eating the whole packet. That is a great thing in itself.. Because you knew you could have. So be kind to yourself and aim for less today.

The weather is such a challenge with exercising. I found that the biggest thing and I toyed for months about getting a treadmill because at the moment I wanted to walk - it would rain. Now DH says to walk in the rain anyway but he doesn't wear glasses so doesn't understand the whole speckly thing...

Anyway, give yourself a chance, make small changes and you will get there.

Tip about the flyers. It takes 3 flyers for a household to start taking notice of them. Do the first 2 drops on cheaper paper, and the last on slightly better. On the last one, staple a wrapped lolly to the flyer as this will give it bulk and get it noticed by the homeowner. I found my callbacks on the 3rd drop off were 10 times that of the first two.

Chubbymum said...

Ok... girl!!!!

NO excuses anymore. Rain or no rain you can get outside... and you know what it is fun.

I went for a walk in the rain about 2 months ago before my back going out and OMG it was fun. I was laughing so much and I am sure that people thought I was nuts but it was fun to be out in the rain and taking the time for me. Go out in the rain laugh and think CM is laughing right along with me.

Ya still wuv me I know you do he he he.

Wanna talk about chapter one? I will read chapter one and we can chat about it.

Also woohooooo on not eating the whole packet and for telling the truth in your blog as you could have just brushed over it and not told us.

Wohoooo you.