Monday, December 1, 2008

Time ???

Where has the time gone to ? I can't believe that it is nearly a week since I posted - I really thought I would be posting a lot more regularly than a week between posts !!!!

But, how did I ever manage to hold down a full time job - I just seem to be on the go the whole time - am not sure how I will cope when I go back to work !!!!!

I didn't have much in the way of planned exercise last week - apart from my walk on Monday. The weather for most of the week was cr*p - and, while I realise I could walk in the rain, I wear glasses and CANNOT stand them having any sort of mark on them never mind them getting wet in the rain while I am walking. If we are going to work at Coles and it is raining A drops me under the shelter and then goes to park because I cannot do ANYTHING once they have a little splatter / mark / smudge on them.

I did make better food choices during the week. I haven't got as far as the eating plan in Dr Phil but what I am doing is cutting down on portion sizes and trying to make the best choices possible. While I didn't actually plan all our dinners for the week in advance - by the end of breakfast each day I knew what I was going to cook and made sure that it was all ready for A & K before I went to lectures or my clients arrived - a HUGE improvement on my culinary efforts over the past couple of months. Having said that, it is a little easier when I can shoot off to the shops if I need something rather than having to try to get out at lunch time and pick up what I need.

This morning I woke up quite early - got up and read for a while - then went back to bed and waited for A to wake up as he was the only one going to work - K has finished school and after a late night baby sitting session last night, she was sleeping in this morning. I ate breakfast and then tidied the kitchen and had a shiny, sparkly sink. Got dressed in my walking clothes, picked up as many flyers as I could fit in my hand, and set off. 1 hr 50 mins later I was home again - having had to walk home the last 30 mins with no flyers to drop off as I had run out. I have marked a map of where I went today and will continue to do mail drops (with lots of positive energy) until all my flyers are finished. I got home, put my togs on and was in the pool in a flash. Note to self : Next time I go walking and don't know how long I am going to be, block out or a hat would be a good idea and a bottle of water would be a fantastic idea. Just not sure how I can hold the water in one hand, the flyers in my other hand and then what to use to put the flyer in the post box !!!

Had a great time with all that walking - the amazing thing was apart from my feet burning a bit, I felt fine - no aches in my legs or butt like I had last week when I walked.

Tomorrow I have another full day - will probably not be at home much at all. A's Christmas party is a dress up theme thing (geez I hate those) so we are going to try to meet in between appointments and lunch dates to see what we can find. We were told to go as Bonnie and Clyde but (a) I'm not wearing a dress and (b) those outfits have to be dry cleaned and so are more expensive than some others - sooooooo we will be seeing what we can find and going as that.

I also need to find something to use for my hot stone equipment as the picnic table which I was using is just too big and gets in the way when I am massaging. I was going to buy a little table but then A suggested getting a chest of drawers type of thing instead as then I would be able to use the drawers for storage - great idea Luv !!!!! So we are off to the place where we just had our bookshelf made to see what they have in stock and what they would charge to make something that is suitable if they don't have anything in stock.

I thought I would be working tonight and Wednesday night as well as my normal Thursday night but when I rang today to confirm I was told I was down for Thursday and Saturday so I get to stay at home with K tonight !!! We are about to watch Bones so will be saying goodbye for now but, I'll be back - hopefully sooner than next Monday night !!!

Take care everyone and go safely !


M said...

I have found since I left work I get far less done and seem to be running around more. I know that it is down to making a schedule and sticking to it, the way I had to when I was working, but that will come - with you too.

Blogging doesn't need to be everyday. It just needs to be when you need it, when you need to sit and read, when you need to write, and to vent. I am trying to schedule 3 sessions per week (still working on that LOL) of no more than 1 hour. That way I still live life :)

A chest of drawers sounds like a fabulous idea. Hopefully they will have something ready made that will suit so you can get it ready for your clients :) xx

M said...

How did you get on? Did you find what you needed..

Oooh I could do with one of your treatments now. I am so knotted up with anxiety. But I am sure a good bottle of something cold will fix that tonight too :)

Hope you are having a great day