Thursday, December 11, 2008

When is enough enough ?????

While the title sounds like it may be weight related - this post isn't !!!

I treated a client while working in the clinic attached to the school where I was studying. This client really enjoyed the treatment I gave her and asked for my details so she could contact me for a treatment once I was no longer working at the clinic. I gave her my card.

She called once during the day when I was still working full time saying that she was off sick and could she come over for a treatment. I called her when I got home saying that I was sorry I hadn't got back to her sooner and that if she wanted to come over then I would give her a treatment (approx 5pm) - she said that it was too late but thank you for returning her call.

Last week on Sunday she called wanting to make an appointment. We made the appointment for Monday night approx 5.30pm. She sent an sms at about 4pm to say she had to work late could she come on Tuesday night. I replied saying that would be fine. I got an sms the next morning (7am) saying that she couldn't make it could she please come on Wednesday night. I replied saying that I already had clients booked for Wednesday night but could see her either Thursday night last week or Monday or Thursday night this week. She replied asking me to book her in for Thursday this week.

I sent a confirmation of appointment e-mail to her yesterday - didn't hear anything back from her so presumed she was going to be here. At 6pm tonight I sent an sms asking if she was still coming for her treatment - she replied that she had to work and wouldn't be able to make it - she was very apologetic and said maybe she could make an appointment for the weekend. I replied saying when she was free to get in touch with me and I would see if I had any appointments available.

Now my question is - do I continue to make appointments for her and she doesn't pitch ? At the moment, I am not that busy so it isn't as though I had to turn someone else away because she had an appointment and then didn't pitch. Or do I just say I don't think this is going to work and leave it at that ? A seems to think that it has something to do with the cost because I charge more than the clinic but I keep saying I told her that up front - this is the cost of the treatment and she was happy with that.

Any ideas on what to do ?????

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M said...

This is a tricky one. On the one hand you want her because the word of mouth she could give would be excellent. On the other hand she sounds like a pain in the neck and perhaps more trouble than is worth.

How about this. She obviously works, perhaps in an office. Offer her a small discount (5% maybe) if she takes your flyers into work and puts on on everyone's desk (male and female). Then let her know that for every person that books with you you will give her $5.00 of her own visits.. Perhaps that would encourage her to keep her appointment PLUS give you the opportunity to get more clients. If she is going to get a discount if other people come in she is more likely to say really good things about you..

Worth a try perhaps xx