Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday before Christmas !

Well - for the first time in I don't know how many years - I am totally organised. It is 20th December and all my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped and under the tree. My grocery shopping is done - bar some fresh veggies to be bought from the farmers market on Wednesday morning. I have NEVER been this organised before - it probably has heaps to do with the fact that I am on a forced holiday and have so much more time to get things done. This week I just need my house cleaned and I will be A for away !

In the latest Women's Weekly they have the South Beach Diet. K and I are thinking of trying it after Christmas - not sure I could do it for any length of time but they claim you can lose 4.5kgs in two weeks. Now if I could just kick start my weight loss regime with that, I would be extremely happy. I am seriously thinking of going back to WW in the new year - provided I can fit it in between work (because I KNOW I am going to find a job in the new year), lectures (which start again on 5th January) and clients (who I am hoping will be phoning up to make appointments to come and see me) !!

I joined the 10,000 steps challenge - well actually I didn't join any challenge - I just registered with them and have been logging my steps on their website daily - these are my steps for the past week :
Sunday 5 759
Monday 4 062
Tuesday 9 613
Wednesday 9 967
Thursday 12 787
Friday 10 570
Saturday 9 897
Total 62 655
This is slightly down from my total for last week which was 65 949 but then we didn't do any mail drops (although I still have about 70 Christmas brochures to drop off - must get to those tomorrow). Having the pedometer has certainly made me more aware of how much (or not) I exercise. I am more likely to go for a walk at 4pm if my steps for the day are really low than I would otherwise. K has been really good about walking with me which has been great - it is good to have company even if she does go a little too fast for me sometimes !!!

In case I don't get back - I would like to wish anyone reading this a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS and EVERYTHING you wish for yourself in 2009 !

Take care and go safely if you are travelling over the holiday season - there are so many silly people out on the roads - more so than normal !!!

Thought for the day : Climb that mountain, follow your star, achieve your dream. If you can dream it, you can be it.

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Suzy said...

Have a lovely Christmas.I hope all your wishes for 2009 come true xx