Saturday, July 17, 2010

Too long !

It's been ages since I posted but I haven't felt like I have had anything worthwhile to post about so figured there was no point in posting about nothing !

The whole job issue has been on and off since about 10 June - I am just so glad that it has finally been resolved and I can start the new role on Tuesday. I was hoping to finish up at Council on Friday but they are holding me to the 7 days notice that I had to give but that is OK. It gives me one more day to go through things with the new contractor.

My weight and exercise seem to have come to a bit of a standstill at the moment but that is OK. I am maintaining my weight reasonably well - have put on 0.4 in 2 weeks but we have been out to dinner a couple of times where I have made choices that were probably not the best I could have made but were things which I really felt like eating so figure that is what maintaining is all about. I also had dessert both times we were out. I have been out to lunch a couple of times with people wanting to say goodbye - made reasonable choices but again, could maybe have made better choices. Again, I have been happy to just able to maintain at the moment because of the stress in other areas of my life. I am learning to find the balance between my weight and what I eat and how I cope with other issues in my life. I guess this is what the key is to being able to maintain - what I need to do now is get back to how I thought about 4-6 weeks ago so that I can lose these last 8-10kgs and get to the weight that I want to, and then be able to maintain at THAT weight. The I will be happy - not because all my worries will be gone, but because I will be at a weight that I am happy at. I realise that losing weight doesn't mean that all my problems are lost as well, it just means that I can deal with my problems at a lower weight that what I used to weigh.

Not only have I had the stress of the job happening but I have also had some health issues which, after some exploratory stuff, we are no closer to finding a resolution than we were before they started. I have decided to just put it all out of my mind, just wish my family could do the same.

But, it is all good from now. On Tuesday I start my new job, on Wednesday I turn 45 (which is a pleasant surprise as I thought I was already 45 turning 46 !!!!), and I feel like I am getting back into the right head space to be able to tackle these last few kilos and get rid of them. I know that as I get closer to my goal weight, the weight takes longer to lose, but I am prepared to just keep at it until it happens. I KNOW that I can do this - now I just need to make it happen. (OK - having eaten 3/4 of a packet for biscuits this afternoon isn't going to help) - that has happened and maybe I just need to do some damage control over the next couple of days to counter act what I did.

I do think that once things have settled on the job front, everything else will fall into place. It seems that I can't really concentrate on two many fronts at once - clearly I am not as skilled at multi-tasking as what I thought !!!!!! Or maybe I just use having a few things on the go as an excuse to have a lapse in my healthy eating - whatever it is, it is going to stop - now - tonight - OK, maybe tomorrow as I am at home by myself tonight and I can hear all sorts of food calling me !!!

Hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow and we will be out there exercising and enjoying ourselves. Last weekend we did a 28km ride on Sunday - Al said, "Hey, if we just do this route another 3 times, we would have just finished the Brisbane to Gold Coast" - that is our next cycling goal - the 100km Brisbane to Gold Coast cycle. Our next walking goal is the 14km Bridge to Brisbane at the end of next month - best get out there in our walking shoes or on our bicycles otherwise we aren't likely to achieve those goals.

Choose being kind over being right, and you'll be right every time - Richard Carlson

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