Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's the day

I got up this morning and made a chicken casserole to go in the slow cooker today. I am starting to get really nervous now - what if this is the last time I see the computer - maybe that is a little melodramatic because, at worst I will be able to see with my right eye so maybe I shouldn't be as nervous as I am. Even if, heaven forbid, something does go wrong today, my right eye is the better of the two so I won't be completely blind - I will just have lost my depth perception. BUT, I am going to be positive and confident that I am going to walk out of there and be able to see absolutely fine when they take the patch off tomorrow morning.

On that note, I am off to have a shower and get changed and then get my last bit of reading in for a couple of days. Watching TV has just become my favourite past time !

Take care everyone and have a wonderful Thursday !

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