Friday, July 24, 2009

Who would have thought

it would be such a long time between posts ????? I definitely didn't realise just how long it had been since I had been on here - needless to say, heaps has happened and I probably wouldn't remember exactly what so will try to do a quick recap.

I started a 4 month contract job with the local city council a couple of weeks into March - I am still there and bored out of my brain. But, for now the hours are good and I can pretty much come and go as I please, am more or less my own boss and MOST IMPORTANTLY there isn't anything else out there, so I will stay until something else comes up.

K got her drivers licence at the beginning of June - what a relief and what a help it has been. She is very willing to go and pick up things or drop things off - I left my work access card at home two mornings not too long after she got her licence and was able to catch her before she left to go to school and got her to drop it with me each time - that was a relief because I couldn't get in and out for the day (without having to wait for someone going the same way as me) without it.

K and I have both been sick lately - bloody head cold and stupid cough - still, bad enough to lay us up for over a week. This didn't help with getting my clinic hours completed but I couldn't exactly go in and treat clients while coughing and spluttering all over them. Have managed to get sufficient hours anyway - last 4 treatments on Sunday and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. Finally, my diploma finished and life can return to some sort of normalcy (whatever that may be in our household!!!!). Now I have to get two character references, copies of a whole bunch of certificates and qualifications and then I can send them off to become registered with the health funds so that people will be able to claim from their health funds when they have had a treatment.

It was my birthday earlier this week and Al and I took the day off - mainly because I had to go for the pre-op for next week (that took about 1 1/2 hrs) and then we had parent teacher interviews in the afternoon for another hour and a bit - so really not worth going back and forth to work. It was just lovely and was have promised to take either one birthday or our anniversary off every year and spend it together. We had a leisurely start to the day - banana and strawberry pancakes - K was not amused at having to go to school while we stayed at home !!! Read for a while and then off for pre-op - then to Australia Fair for lunch - then to school for interviews and then home before going out to dinner and off to Max Brenner for dessert - all in all a fantastic day !

Last week I had a client in for a hot stone massage - she liked it so much she wanted to book for next Saturday but I had to put her off until the following week because I wasn't sure how well my eye would stand up after the surgery on Thursday. She got to work on Monday and I received a phone call at about 10am - "This is B. S is here with me and I want what she had on Saturday" - I put the phone day and just laughed - it was so funny the way it came out. Anyway, B is booked in for her hot stone massage tomorrow. They really are so good in winter - the best way to relax and unwind and be good to your body and soul.

I can't wait for next weekend when I don't have to get up on Sunday and go to lectures or clinic - it really has been quite hard on the whole family but they have been really good about it. A has been just amazing - keeping the household running while still holding down two jobs. We have taken August off from our night job and are both so looking forward to some down time - not sure if we will know what to do with ourselves but I am wanting to start exercising and he needs to as well. A close friend of ours had two strokes a few weeks ago and it really gave us both a very loud wake up call - although we haven't done much about it since then because I always said that I would worry about food and exercise once lectures were finished. Well they are nearly finished and it is time to get serious about getting these excess kilos off and living a healthier lifestyle.

That's it for now - am off to have an early night - the problem is my body is only used to 4-5hrs of sleep a night so when I go to bed too early, I wake up too early. Suppose I can always get up and go for a walk except it is still a little too chilly in the morning for my liking - maybe I will read for a while !

Take care and have a fantastic weeked everyone !

TFTD : Every exit is an entry to somewhere else.


kathy-shell said...

Wonderful to hear from you, know you have 'got through' that incrediblle stint and come out the other side, with time now for sleep, a diploma in hand, some time off from night work with some one special in August and your daughter has her licence and is around to help.

While I always had faith in you I must confess I did worry about you and I was pleased in a way, (although I missed you so much), that you stayed away from the less essential things and focused on your goals...and look you have achieved so mant :-), I'm thrilled for you. Not sure about the eye surgery, what to say, this is the first I've heard of it, shows I probably have not read all your blog, I hope that all is OK in that area, now.

Wishing you all the very best of happiness, health and success, you deserve it. Cheers

Apple2Hourglass said...

So good to hear from you my friend. I've been wondering how you are going. Things seem to be going so well for you.

Julie's journey said...

Hmmm - a hot stone massage. I think that is what I need at the moment.