Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's news ?

I don't actually have a whole heap of news since last posting - life is too hectic but not really much to say !!!

I did lose another 0.5 this week taking my total loss since 5 Jan 09 to 7.1 - gotta be happy with that.

My walking has taken a back seat this week - much to my horror. I REALLY miss not walking each day but sometimes it is just too hard to try to fit it in.

Saturday I spent a lot of time studying for two exams on Sunday - my own fault for not having picked up a book prior to the day before the exams !!!! The good thing was I passed both of them so was very happy about that. Can't remember what happened on Monday except that when Al got in from work we landed up talking until about 2am when I finally said "Can you please keep quiet I have to go to sleep".
Tuesday night I got home from lectures about 9.30 - totally knackered from so little sleep the night before - and HAD to make banana bread because the bananas were just about ready to walk out the door by themselves they were that frot !!! Wednesday night I had my massage swop but after that I had to go and do the shopping and when I got home - just after 9pm again - I made a cheesecake for the dinner we are having tomorrow night for some friends of ours.

Tonight I am home - am just about to have some dinner and then I am going to have a shower and sit and watch Grey's and do some knitting - if Al is lucky I may even still be awake when he gets home from work !!!

Work is a bit of a nightmare - I KNOW I said I would never work the hours that I used to work at the hospital and, while they aren't that bad, I am doing about 50 hr weeks - the upside to that is, as a contractor, I get paid for all 50 odd hours that I work - SO, it does make it worthwhile for me to put in the time especially as we got into a bit of a financial pickle when I didn't work for nearly 4 months. This whole week I have felt like a real dunce at work - not because the work is rocket science but because I don't know the stupid council processes which are supposed to happen (of course none of them are written down either). This afternoon the one guy, who has been really good about helping me where he can, said "Thanks so much for all that you have done today (we had a big deadline to meet by COB today) - we would never have made it if you weren't here" - so that was good. I said to him "So I don't need to go and sit in the road with a witches hat on my head ?" and he just laughed and said no I didn't need to - earlier on in the week when I was really battling I had said to him that I thought I would be more productive for the council if I went and sat in the road with a witches hat on my head and at least I would stop traffic from going where it shouldn't go !!!! Anyway, I felt a little better when I left this evening to go to lectures - the fact that I woke up at about 3.30 and didn't go back to sleep worrying about whether I would make the deadline or not was besides the point !!!! The countdown to the end of my contract has begun - he laughed when I told him that today because he has been working for the council for about 30 odd years !!!!!

OK - it is now 9.45 and I am off to have some dinner, a shower and then some time in front of the Tv with my knitting.

Take care everyone and until next time - go safely !

Thought for the day : How many a man (or woman)has thrown up his hands at a time when a little more effort, a little more patience, would have achieved success ?


M said...

Oh dear - the thought of you sitting in the roadway with a cone on your head actually has me giggling. Not so much the hectic work schedule, the busy exams, the money issues - no - they are all quite serious.

Is it possible they will extend your contract? Or could recommend you to go somewhere else? I know that the work is a bit of a pain sometimes but at casual hours and casual rates it might be worth it for the short term..

*hugs* for all the walks you are missing. I am seriously thinking of hiring a treadmill for 12 weeks - 1) to see if I will use it and 2) to ensure there is somewhere safe for me to do some exercise on those days I can't leave the house..

Anne said...

Like M - I had a laugh at the thought of you sitting on the road with the witches hat. Doesn sound like you've been thrown in the deep end - but despite that you are coping with the work load..

Jodie said...

You're an inspiration.... you work all those hours, and still want to walk! Good on you for the weightloss.

I've not been reading blogs for ages (or updating mine)... but i finally got around to it! I've also "tagged" you (no pressure). Read my latest blog entry for details... if you want to do it :)
I've got photos of the kids up :)

Hope all is well.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

You have done so well to lose over 7 kilos since the start of the year!!!
Well done with everything you are juggling.. I would have well and truly lost the plot by now!

haha..laughing at my word verification...upbowel!!

Margaret said...

You are doing well with everything you are juggling. It has been a while since we saw a post from you, hope you ok.

Suzy said...

Hope all is well with you. What are you knitting?

M said...

Just popping in to say hi :)

angelfisherjo said...

You've done so well this year!