Monday, March 16, 2009

How to cope ?

OK - this is my problem right now (and for the next 4 months) - not only am I working full time (which I am totally happy about) - but I also work part time two or three evenings a week at Coles, study two nights a week and all day Sunday for my diploma, am busy setting up a business called The Body and Feet Retreat, work casual hours at a local day spa and need to find time to exercise and keep myself healthy - oh yes, I forgot about being a wife, mother, daughter, lover, chief cook and bottle washer, laundress and home cleaner. I am going to have to make sure that I am super, super organised otherwise it is all going to fall down around me like a pack of cards.

I can always give up the casual hours but there aren't that many of them and I do feel sorry for the owners of the spa - I can only do those on a Saturday. I have two big exams on Sunday and need to get some serious studying done this week - not sure when, but sometime.

Tonight I was going to come home from work, go for a walk and then come home and study. Well, a huge storm hit the Gold Coast and I drove home (an hour later than normal because we had a last minute rush job that had to be done) in the pouring rain - only to find when I got home that we had no electricity. So, the pork roast which we were going to have last night and couldn't (because we got home from cycling and exercising on the council gym equipment too late and would have been eating at 9pm) didn't get cooked tonight because of the rain. No problem, I had made a curry in the slow cooker last night we can have that - not so fast, when we decided on that plan for dinner, the electricity hadn't been taken out - so when the electricity went off, we landed up with pizza for dinner. Not my first choice but given the circumstances of pouring rain, no electricity and us fiddle faddling around wondering how long it would be before it came on again - pizza was the best course of action. Plus Al had to get to work.

I have accepted that sometimes you have to just do the best you can in the circumstances and tonight was one of those circumstances !!!!

Now I am off to log my weekly weigh in (I think I am down from last week but can't remember what I was last week !!!) and then I am going to hit the books for a couple of hours.

Take care everyone and have a great day ! I hope that Victoria is getting some of this rain as well.

Thought for the day : Life is a drawing board, sketch your own scenes.


Downsizeme said...

quote 'and I do feel sorry for the owners of the spa '
If it's not something you need to be doing or it will not benefit you is that the one thing that has to go? Somethung has to go and you don't want it to be your health, time to exercise or plan healthy meals.
You can be slim and eat pizza, just portion control and have three cups of garden salad wth it :-)m say's I, who has been too inactiv and eated too much for a couple of days.
You are doing so well, don't loose consistency through exhaustion, take a peek at what can go and do it free of guilt, you would be the first one to tell me I can't care for another if I don't care for myself so apply it to ourself while your still managing, it will just get harder if you postpone deciding what has to be cut from that routine.

Kathy xxx

Jules said...

Well they do say if you want something done give it to a busy woman!!!

Suzy said...

Oh my, you make me tired just thinking about what you are doing! You are amazing!
Take care and try and find some "me" time xx