Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thanks but no thanks ...

was the e-mail that I got yesterday advising that I had been short listed for a role I applied for and then the current encumbent withdrew their resignation - bugger !!! Or maybe that is just that company's way of saying thanks but no thanks without hurting your feelings !!!!

I have updated my CV recently - one of my clients worked in a employment agency and as an HR manager and she helped me to revamp it which was great. Lately there haven't even been any jobs that I can apply for - I haven't done company tax and a lot of positions going at the moment require that skill so it is just a case of being patient until something good comes along.

I need to call the employment agent re a job with a marketing company as I am sure that they must have decided who is on a short list for the client by now - I applied last Saturday !!!!

My latest flyers arrived yesterday so I have been doing the delivery rounds again. It was funny because I had been uhmming and aahing about whether to order more flyers because of the cost involved but I know that if I don't advetise, new clients are that much harder to come by. In the end we decided to bite the bullet and order 1500 flyers - there was a special if you spent over $50 you got free delivery in 9 days. This would normally cost me in the region of $80 for a 21 day delivery time so it was a really good deal. Ordered them and they should have arrived on Thursday according to when they were despatched. No flyers Thursday, no flyers Friday - so Friday night I e-mailed them asking them if they could please track where my parcel was. I received a reply from them the next day advising that they were sending a repeat order to me and if mine arrived in the meantime to accept the second order with their compliments !!!! So, at the end of the week I should receive another 1500 flyers - bugger - that is a lot of walking but boy is that a good deal - 3000 flyers for the price of 1500 !!!!! YAY - something in our favour !!!!!

My eating continues to be good - not much else it can be when there is a lack of funds !!! I have tried two new recipes this week so that was good. My walking is still happening every day although I do have a rest day during the week where I don't actually go out for a walk but try to walk around a shopping centre for a while so that I can make my steps for the day without pushing myself too hard. This week saw a loss of 0.9 taking my total loss since 05.01.09 to 5.4kg. I can definitely notice a difference although I haven't measured myself at all since putting all this weight on - only another 20kgs to go !!!!!! This morning after spin class I was waiting for the lift to the car park and the lift doors were mirrors and that was when I really noticed how much I had lost - my hips are not as big as they used to be which is just great !

Well I am off to have a shower and then get K from school before coming home and heading off to lectures. You are right Mary, it makes such a difference studying with people who actually want to study - nothing like when I did my degree (even though I was a mature age student then !!!) - the class was made up of kids straight out of school who were told they had to go and do something and they just messed around in every class - soooooooooo annoying !!!

Take care everyone and have a great week !

Thought for the day : You never know what happiness a simple act of kindness will bring about.


Its all about me said...

I know that good things are coming your way. It is great that you are trying out new recipes and that your eating has been good.

I reckon sometimes our CV's need to be updated and refreshed and then the jobs will come our way. Good thoughts coming your way.

You are right about the flyers that if you don't send them out then new clients would be harder to come by especially in this economic climate.

Wow 5.4 since January that is fantastic you should be proud.

rand(om) bites said...

Keep putting yourself out there hon and it will all fall into place - don't give up! Great news about the flyers and I agree, you gotta get yourself out there so people know about you and what you do. Well done on the loss to date also - wow.