Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still hanging around

Well I haven't blogged for a while because there really isn't much to blog about. I have been sending off resumes left, right and centre and hearing nothing back - nada, zilch, zero, absolutely bugger all from either the companies I applied to or the bloody employment agents which I think just stinks - they least they could do is mail you saying that they have received it and will get back to you in due course or you are over qualified / under qualified / something / anything, but no, they don't say a damn thing.

I have been doing lots of walking which has been good - mixing up shorter walk days with longer walk days. This had meant that the twinge that I get in my right thigh doesn't get strained by having two days of long walks one after the other.

Lectures started again on Tuesday night so need to do some work this afternoon for lectures tonight plus I think I will need a little nap as I had a Coles shift at 4.30am so was up just before 4am - lectures finish at 9pm so it is going to be long day if I don't manage a nap !!!

My weight is moving in the right direction which is great - it is coming off slowly but that is OK - at least I can see it moving on the scales and on clothes that I have been wearing (not that I wear much - pair of denim shorts and a couple of shirts) - I am too light for the last lot of denims I bought when I put on so much weight over Christmas but not light enough for what used to be my normal jeans - need to lose a few more kilos before they will fit !!!

OK - I am off for my walk for today - it will be a longer one provided it doesn't get too hot and I have to cut it short because I have run out of cordial and can't carry on !!!!

Have a great day and take care.

Thought for the day : By living your life one day at a time, you live all the days of your life.


Anne said...

Oh - do hope you find a job soon. You are right - it is rude for them not to get back to you. Mayber include a stamped address envelope so at least they return the CV's back to you. Have you thought about revamping your CV. I had advice on this a while back and my new one seemed to help.

Good luck:-)

rand(om) bites said...

Hang in there on the job front! Hope your'e enjoying the lectures - I always get inspired in a learning environment, especially adult education, where everyone wants to be there.

Lee-Anne said...

The drought has to break on the job front, so hang in there.

Glad to see the weight loss is heading in the right direction for you. It's such a good feeling when you notice your clothes are getting a wee bit looser.

Have a great weekend and take care.

Suzy said...

I think they should at least let you know they have received your resume. It is such a hard time at the moment though, I know.
Well done on the weight front. I am slowly gaining instead of losing. I just can't seem to exercise much at the moment and I am sure that is the key. Keep up your walking xx