Monday, February 16, 2009

Another day looking for a job !

Week 13 of my forced holiday has begun and I seem to be no closer to finding a job now than I was 13 weeks ago !! I know that something will come up and I know that I have to stay positive but it is getting harder and harder each day.

Today was good - I had a phone call on the weekend from a local day spa asking if I would like to do 2 massages today and of course I said yes thank you !!! I got there and was really nervous which is a little silly I guess given how many massages I have given to people I have never met before. Anyway, I figure that neither of my clients went to the owners to say that I had done a dreadful job because they have asked me if I could work on Thursday and Saturday - YAY some income to help pay the mortgage ! It seems to me as if my life now revolves around what I can do in order to get some money to pay the mortgage - how sad is that ????

Anyway, I got in a great walk before I had to be at the spa which was good. Tomorrow I have spin class at 6.45am and then will be dropping K at school and coming home for another walk before having to go and meet someone about an hours drive away.

Tomorrow night I have my reciprocal treatment for the lady who gave me a really high recommendation at the spa. This is the last week of loafing around before my lectures start again - part of me wants to get started so that I can get finished and part of me doesn't want to have to go back to slogging away on the books. I think I am really going to miss my Sunday's the most - lectures from 9.30-4.30 doesn't sound like a fun way to spend Sunday BUT the payoff is that I finish my Diploma in 5 months rather than 11 months so I am looking at the short term inconvenience compared to the long term benefits ! Please remind me of this if I start to complain about lectures on Sundays !!!!!

I have started knitting a blanket for the bushfire victims - hopefully it won't take me too long to finish as I would hate for winter to have come and gone and me still be busy knitting !!! I started it last night - luckily last night and tonight the weather has been a little cooler otherwise not sure I would have managed to get too much knitting done.

OK - am off to make lunches for tomorrow as we have spin class first up and definitely no time in the morning to worry about lunches !!!

Take care and have a great day everyone !

Thought for the day :Kindness is more important than wisdom and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom


Jules said...

So, was I asleep for a year or two, when did you become a qualified massage therapist??

Anne said...

Hope that perfect job come soon for you!

Lee-Anne said...

Hopefully you will be able to pick more work up from the local spa. Word of mouth is great advertising and the best I reckon.

Have a good weekend. Take

Suzy said...

Glad the day spa is giving you some work.
Well done for starting to knit the blanket. I think we all feel the same about the tragedy. We just need to show we care somehow. It is so horrific.
Good luck with finding a job xx

Apple2Hourglass said...

Hmm massage, nice, I could do with one of those!

rand(om) bites said...

L, I know it's tough right now with mulla but hang in there. It was never going to be easy changing careers and unfortunately, this is how your new career begins. You will get there. There'll come a time when you will have to knock people back, imagine that!

Lectures on Sunday is great! I would love that but don't have that option. I want to get my qualification in good time too so that's why I am stupid enough to study full-time at night while still working full-time.

How gorgeous are you by knitting a blanket for one of the bushfire victims. There's a lot of love going into that.

Cheers to kindness, and to you!

Anonymous said...

Believe in yourself :-), Believe in your massage therapist skills and location, location, location promote your servises. Do you have a sign on your car? Wear a promotion T Shirt snd cap?, letterbog (does not need to be flashy brochure, B & Wh photocopy ffrom office works or a uuni at the cheapest bulk rate will do, even 1/4 page promo sheets to 1/4 the promo cost. Keep BELIEVING in yourself, believe you are already a successful, in demand massage therapist, tell people as much, do those things the successful massage tharapist would be doing and your more than half way there. :-), Your business is building, your not going toi have time for those part time jobs. Servise business is the new future for Australian workers and your in a service business. Are you in the right area to be meaketing a service? Has to be to people who have income over essentials, I guess you know that already. Keep brain storming what's going to make your carear path work, keep BELIEVING in your talent, skills. :-). I believe in you :-)