Friday, February 13, 2009

A veg out day

That was yesterday and it wasn't supposed to be like that today but if this weather continues it may land up being another veg out day ALTHOUGH I have a plan if I can't go walking. I am going to do some Swiss ball work and a Pilates video (well that is the plan but of course, as we all know, the best laid plans of mice and men .....)

I did absolutely nothing yesterday except take K to school, come home, do some washing and then spend the rest of the day on the couch watching shows I had taped that I haven't had a chance to see. Then it was time to get K from school, came home and read for a while until it was time for a client and I had to get the therapy room ready.

Thank goodness there was enough left over paella from the previous night otherwise not sure what we would have landed up having for dinner. After dinner it was time for a quick shower and then off to Coles for another 4 hrs - sometimes that 4 hrs seems to take about 8hrs and other times it feels like I have only just got there and it is time to leave. The pay cheque from them this week will be good because I will have had 4 shifts by the end of the week - YAY - the mortgage can get paid !!!!!

Well I have decided on Diet Coke chicken for dinner tonight with some roasted veggies so am off to do as much of a big shop as I can afford at Coles and help the Victorian Bushfire victims.

Of course there is the deciding ODI tonight but unless the weather improves dramatically, there is going to be no cricket - unless of course the weather in Brisbane is fantastically wonderful and it is only on the Gold Coast that we have this cr*ppy rain which is really not needed here as much as it is needed in Victoria - damn you, move south and do some good !!!!

On that note I am off to make up my shoppping list and then hit the shops and hope that everyone else hasn't got the same idea as me !!! Given how much stock came in last night I think they are expecting a real run on the stores today - I hope that the rain isn't keeping people away - I would much rather the profits go to the fire victims rather than the Coles shareholders !!!!

Have a great day everyone and a fantastic weekend !

Thought for the day : One of the greatest lessons in life is to learn not to do what you like, but to like what you do.

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Apple2Hourglass said...

Diet coke chicken? Do tell.