Monday, February 2, 2009

Another day at home

This morning we got up, went to school and when I got home it started to rain - again. So I got stuck into my books and then when the rain let up I got changed and went out for 85 mins of walking - at a really good pace. I got home and I was really happy with what I had done.

Then it was time to hit the books again before going to get K from school. She is doing really well with her driving and managed there and back without any trouble today. Got home and she quizzed me on what I had been studying and found a few things I didn't know. Then the phone call came telling me that the other lady doing the bridging course was sick and couldn't make the final assessment tonight - CR*P !!! I REALLY wanted to get it over and done with tonight !! Oh well, a couple of extra days to do some more studying AFTER I finish cleaning the house tomorrow. I did most of it last night but left the dusting and vacuming until tomorrow after my exam - can't leave it any longer the blinds and shutters really need a good dust.

This evening I caught the last of the TV programme Choir of Hard Knocks - it really made me appreciate what I do have. It made me realise that while I am feeling so down in the dumps, I have so much to be grateful for and so much to appreciate. I think that they are amazing people who have done amazing things.

I'm off to make school / work lunches for A & K as tomorrow K and I start our fitness training with Fitness First who have adopted their academy and offer two free classes per week for students, staff and their families. It is from 6.45-7.45am so it will be up and moving with no fluffing around in the morning - I think it must be a spinning class (or some such thing) as we were told to wear padded pants or bring a padded bike seat so that our 'bottoms' didn't get too sore !!!! Wonder if I will need to have a walk tomorrow as well as an hour fitness class ????

Today I did realise that while my goal is to complete at least 8000 steps per day - sometimes it is good to have a rest day - my legs really appreciated the rest they got on Saturday and I felt soooooo much better on my walk today than I did last week. The fact that I am getting so much fitter might also account for that !!!

Thought for the day : There is no failure except in no longer trying


ali said...

I say take the extra few days of study and enjoy it! 100% here you come!

Enjoy your work out tonight, it's such a great idea

Margaret said...

Hope you enjoyed the day with you daughter, was it a spinning class??? What a great idea to have this fitness class together.