Friday, January 30, 2009

Another day but not another dollar !

This morning I woke up and thank goodness K is feeling much better. Dropped her at school, came home, replied to some e-mails and then went out for a mega walk. Stopped off at Coles to check if I was working tomorrow night - yes which is good and bad - good because I am desparate for the money, bad because it means K will be alone for the evening - not that she minds, but I mind !!! I also asked about getting trained up to be a check out chick - the lady who deals with that section fo the store is on leave until Monday so have to go back on Monday to see her - BUT, at least it may be some form of revenue coming in which will be great.

My eating has been good and my exercise has been excellent. I have been making a concerted effort to have at least one piece of fruit a day and it has been going well - actually sometimes I find it really refreshing and quite enjoy it !!!! Tonight we are having roast with dry roasted veggies so that will be good.

The Academy where K goes to school has teamed up with Fitness First and they are offering two free classes (6.45-7.45am) per week to students, staff and parents so K and I have signed up for those - they start next Tuesday. I have been told to wear padded pants or bike shorts so presume it is something to do with a bike for the one day - whatever it is, it will be good because it will get my heart rate up, get those calories burnt off and BEST OF ALL - it won't cost me a brass farthing !!!!

I am going to have a swim now and then try to get stuck into those books for this final assessment on NMT on Monday night - jeez it is hard to get back into the studying thing !! SO glad I didn't leave the Diploma for another year before doing it - don't think I would have been able to get back into the books after that long a break.

Will be flicking between the cricket and the tennis tonight - jeez I hope we do better in the cricket. I know it is a dead rubber and that we are in a re-builidng phase but come on guys, how easy can you make it for SA to win ??????? Am undecided about who I want to play Fedderer in the finals on Sunday - will see how the match goes tonight.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend !

Thought for the day : I have learnt that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing and have the best time doing it.

Update : In reply to my e-mails sent out this morning asking what was happening with roles that I applied for last week, I received a job description and remuneration for one role and was asked if I would like an interview next week - one of 10 candidates contacted - so still a 1/10 chance of the job but hey, at least I got an interview which is more than I have had in the past 10 weeks since I first became unemployed !!!!! YAY !!!!!!


Julie's journey said...

Hey I found you. I dont quite know why I lost contact but hope it wasnt something I said. I think that it is great that you are still able to study, my mind is mush. Good luck at the gym next week and remember to not go flat out to start with. Have a great weekend

Margaret said...

I am glad I found your blog again, I always enjoyed it in the past. Good luck with the application for the job. have a good week.