Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where did the week go ?

I have just seen that my last post was on Sunday and today is Saturday - nearly a whole week has gone - where did it go to ????

I have had a good week food, water and exercise wise. I had one client and I had a couple of calls from employment agents re my CV which I sent to them in the hope of finding some work - no work yet but at least they called to say that they had received it and would let me know if anything came up. Not sure how long we can continue with next to no income from me.
I did quite a few mail drops during the week and probably have about 350-400 flyers left to do today - surely someone out there needs a good reflexology treatment or massage ????

We spent quite a bit of time running around getting the car registered etc - hit a snag there as the old man we bought the car from is in hospital and his daugther was handling everything under an EPOA - got the register the car and they want to see the original EPOA ! Bugger - so had to get in touch with A to get in touch with her husband to get in touch with her (she was busy trying to get her Dad into a respite centre) to eventually make an arrangement to meet her at another licencing place closer to her at 4pm - A called to say she would be there at 4pm - we were in the middle of a mail drop so had to dash back to the car, scream home, get changed and then all the way down to where she was - anyway it is all done now which is the main thing. Except we used the car to go to work on Thursday night and someone broke the mirror off that they had just replaced because it was broken and needed to be replaced for the RWC. Luckily A has managed to do a repair job on it but will have to keep an eye on it.

My walking this week has been good - mainly because of getting those flyers out plus I want to try to make over 8000 steps per day. Before Christmas a friend gave me a two week free membership to Contours gym. She called on Sunday night wanting to know if I wanted to go on Monday morning but I was still recovering from last week so said I would see later on in the week. I was in touch with her on Thursday night and went in yesterday morning - what a great little place it is. No gym bunnies in tight skimpy outfits - just real women with real weight problems trying to do what they can. I thought I would be stiff this morning but I'm fine - will definitely make the most of the these two weeks while I can. The lady went over the pricing with me - $195 to join and $60 per month for a 12 month contract BUT they have a January joining special of only $95 BUT she saw that I had ticked 'Tight budget" as a reason for not joining previously so said that they could do it for $50 !!!! Which would be fine if I had a spare $50 and $60 pm to pay for it for 12 months BUT seeing as I am battling to pay the mortgage, gym membership isn't going to be an option no matter how good it makes me feel. :( Never mind, when my business is up and running with lots of clients and I am working from home only, I will easy be able to fit in a 30min workout at the gym. I mean right now I have plenty of time but when I find full time work - between that and lectures and Coles and clients and family, I really can't see that I would have the time to go anyway.

This week I have made much better choices with my food as well as saying no to little treats which in the past I probably would have said yes to. I have probably only had one soft drink and have done really well with drinking between 1.5-2L of water each day - I think with all the walking I have been doing, it has been so easy to drink that much water.

Have a great weekend and take care !

Thought for the day : Failure is the opportunity to try again more intelligently

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ali said...


I hear you with the money issues. that when you just have to get creative with your fitness, and there is nothing better than walking around in the great out doors, then stuck in a windowless gym (says me that's trying to break into one!!, but it's so cold outide here!!!)

there's a few gyms about that offer free week trials, you could have a search and see if there are any other ones around you if you feel like a free week here and there.

Yay for getting your car all leglised and regitered, at least you don't have that on your mind anymore

sounds like you've had an excellent week, enjoy what's left of your weekend