Monday, January 5, 2009

Starting the year off sick - bugger !!

Well the way I am feeling at the moment certainly wasn't how I thought I would start 2009 !! On Saturday my throat started to feel scratchy and 'off' and Sunday I woke up with the worst cough ever - K says it sounds like I am trying to cough my lungs out. Little does she realise how sore my throat and ribs are and if I could stop coughing I would. I have been taking cough mixture which does help short term but as there is no infection there is no point in going to the dr despite getting nagged by the family. K didn't even want me to go walking this morning !!!! In the end she called A who basically said if I wanted to walk I could and she wasn't happy with him !

Last night at about 10.15pm I started walking circuits around the house - our bedroom to the therapy room to the garage and back again. A asked me what I was doing and I said that my steps were so p*ss poor for the day (despite a visit to Bunnings and IKEA !!) that I was trying to get them up. He said lets go for a walk so we got changed and did the first of the mail drops for this year - it was actually quite pleasant walking that late at night as it was certainly a lot cooler than during the day. The only problem was that my chest was quite sore when we finished. This morning K and I did a shorter mail drop and will try to continue with those until the 1500 flyers are all distributed. When we were finished we drove to see my folks and to get K's driving hours up (she has to do 100 hrs logged driving and has got just over 56 hrs done so all going along well - until I find some work when it will come to an abrupt halt !!!) - we got home after seeing them and I really just flopped on the beanbag. Couldn't sit there as it was too much like lying down so had to get up and sit on the couch - managed to doze on and off a little (didn't get much sleep last night) and then in the afternoon we went to the centre to the PO and to get an exercise books for my lectures which started again tonight.

There are two of us who have changed schools to do the Diploma of Remedial Massage and we are doing a catch up course on a subject which we didn't cover at our previous school - it is really cool having only two of us in the class - plus we get on really well which helps as well. The only problem is that I have no voice - lost it about 2 hrs after the coughing started yesterday so peace and quiet reigns at home again !!!

Am off to spend some time with K before she goes to bed - will wait up for A to get in from work and then will go to bed - unless I fall asleep before then !!

Take care and go safely !

Thought for the day : Climb that mountain, follow your star, achieve your dream. If you can dream it, you can be it.


M said...

Oh dear - that does NOT sound like the way to start the New Year at all... But that aside, you still seem to be running at life at full pace!

1500 flyers, driving lessons, new school, walking circuits.. My goodness girl, if that is what you do when you are sick, you must be flying when you are well :)

*hugs* You take care of yourself and perhaps a trip to the pharmacist would still be a good idea. I got a great night time capsule that was for coughs/colds/flu and it knocked me out enough so that I got a good nights sleep and that is when the healing really started to kick it... xx

Its all about me said...

I now get the Be-Do-Have on your blog title.

I am reading the Dr Phil book at the moment and he said it in the first chapters. How cool is that.

Sorry you aren't feeling well my friend.

Really cool having only 2 of you in your class wow that must be fun as you would learn more and have more time to ask questions... yayyy.