Sunday, January 18, 2009

A great day !

Yesterday I had a great day - in the morning A&K were changing the radio in her car to an old one that we used to have that has a CD player and he suggested I go to gym. So, thought I would give them some father/daughter time together and off I went - I really enjoyed it.
Got home and they were still busy so went and did a mail drop - think the flyers were reproducing in my hand because when I finished nearly an hour of walking and delivering (with not that many No Junk Mail stickers) - I seemed to have almost as many as when I started !!! Not that I am moaning because there are more flyers to go into other post boxes and get clients into my business.

Got home and did a very little bit of revision work for my lectures. We got a rice cooker on our Award Points recently so made a pumpkin risotto - not that best I don't think and maybe we will just keep it cook rice in - I haven't been able to cook rice since we arrived 9 years ago - can only make the 2 min packets of rice - all I land up with is a gluggy mess when I try to cook rice in a pot. Hopefully this will help as a little rice goes a long way when you are on a tight budget !!!

Then as I wasn't rostered to work tonight A had to go off by himself - I dropped him off - came home, showered and then took K out for 1 1/2 hrs of night driving - this 10 hrs of night driving is taking a long time to get finished. We are now 2/3's of the way through her 100 hours so slowly slowly getting there.

I got home and all I wanted was a nice big bowl of ice-cream but thought long and hard about how good a day I had had and realised I didn't REALLY want to blow it with a big bowl of ice-cream so got my third bottle of water and wokred my way through that instead.

Today is a new day - I am off just now to do another mail drop - hopefully the last for this lot of flyers - and then I think that most of the day may be spent in front of the TV watching the ODI in Hobart. I can't believe that we lost the game on Friday night - at one point SA had over 10 runs an over to get to win - and they bloody well did it with 3 balls to spare - hope we can pull something out the bag today. We really need to find some decent bowlers !!!!

Thought for the day : The world can only be grasped by action, not contemplation

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ali said...

I could totally go a nice big bowl of icecream now too... mmmmmm yum

nice work on resisting it..