Friday, January 23, 2009

Hot, muggy day

Well that is exactly how it has been today - hot and muggy. I had forgotten what it was like living in this sort of humidity but it brought back all sorts of memories from my life in Durban where this is the norm !!!!

Needless to say it doesn't invoke a huge desire to do anything apart from lie under the fan or in the air conditioning. But, I started the day with excellent intentions - we took K's car to get cut and polished and were going to walk home from there - not sure how far but certainly quite a distance. We were going to stop at Harbourtown to have crepes for breakfast (last day of holiday treat for K) and it had started to rain on the way there - while we were eating it absolutely bucketed down. K was whingeing about having to walk all the way home in the rain even though we had a huge golfing umbrella so eventually I gave in, called my folks and got a lift home.

Then as I was getting ready to go to the gym, the phone rang and it was Target to say that the 4th book in the Twilight series had come in and they would put one aside for K. What a relief - she has been phoning all over the Gold Coast every second day trying to find this blasted book - finally the chance to get it. So, after gym we went down and picked it up and I started reading out loud as she was driving home (probably not the most responsible thing I could have done but we are both so anxious to get into the book !!!!). Went to the local centre to get some school shoes for K only to find they had sold out - how does a shoe store sell out of school shoes the week before school ??? OK maybe I should have tried to get some sooner but we have been tossing up whether these would last a whole year or not.

Then we got a call to say that the car was ready but had to wait for A to finish work so that he could take us there to collect it - it has really made a difference to how the car looks. He did a great job and even touched up little scratches and chips in the paint work.

Now it is dinner time - thank goodness it is only having to heat up left overs - I am so hot I don't think I could be bothered to cook and then it would have been take-aways and I definitely don't want those tonight - I have been doing too well to sabotage it with junk !!!!

Take care and have a fantastic long weekend !

Thought for the day : Life is a drawing board, sketch you own scenes.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck with all your walking and weight losing journey. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Sharon