Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not successful - bugger !!!

I e-mailed re the job interview yesterday and got a reply last night saying that they had appointed someone yesterday - bugger !!!! Not so much because that was the job I wanted - just because it was a chance for me to get a job in order to be able to earn some money and I didn't get the job. At the end of the day, it isn't as though it was my dream job or anything so am patiently waiting for something else to come up.

There were no accounting jobs on seek this morning but I am off just now to get the paper, generally there are more jobs advertised on Wednesday and Saturday in the Bulletin, to see if there is anything in there that I can apply for.

I am off to skip for a while as I want to wait for the washing to finish before I go for my walk this morning - not sure that it is going to be a long walk today, my legs are feeling a little tight and my lower back is aching a little. Think it may be as a result of the spin class but don't want to over-do it any day so that I can't walk the next day. My blister is just about gone and I am sure that a few more days of walking with a plaster on my toe will see it fine again.

I finally got around to popping to the dr's rooms to make an appoinment for tomorrow for my 2 yearly pap smear - I hate having it done with an absolute passion and generally reward myself once I have had it done - not sure what my reward will be this year as it is normally some form of food source (and not a good food source like fruit !!!)

After showing a dreadful gain on Monday morning, the scales arenow showing that I have lost all of that plus a smidgen more by this morning - go figure !!! I can see why they say you shouldn't weigh yourself every day because it can do your head in but I just can't get out of the habit especially when I am trying so hard. I think if I hadn't of got on this morning and seen that I was below my weight from last weeks weigh-in, the left over tin of caramel topping from Christmas, which I managed to resist yesterday, may not have been so lucky today and there is a good chance it would have been devoured - probably not in one sitting, but certainly over the course of the day and the tin hidden in the bottom of the bin so nobody would know what I had done !!!! Because, as we all know, what we eat in secret doesn't actually show up anywhere, does it ?????? LOL

Well this isn't getting my skipping done so I will be off to do that before hanging the washing out and getting out to pound the pavements. Thank goodness K showed me how to change the songs on my iPod as I was getting really tired of listening to the same songs each time I went out (well I don't hear the same ones each time I go out but they do seem to come around rather regularly when you are out there listening every day !!!)

Take care and have a great day everyone !

Thought for the day : No state of mind is permanent unless we choose to make it so.


LuvPosh said...

Don't loose heart over the job Linda. It's highly likely it was filled prior to even advertising, but most companies have to advertise. Have I made sense? I hope so.

Skipping is a fantastic form of exercise, and not easy to do when we get older I might add. So well done!

I was naughty and went more than 7 years without having a pap smear. Back on track now though. It's not something that bothers me having done, it's just getting there. I actually prefer a male Dr to do it, over a female though.

Apple2Hourglass said...

Love your thought for the day, it's so true!