Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well where to start - the last two days I have not walked as long as I would have liked as I had to get home and do other things - it wasn't too bad yesterday as I had the spin class but today I really wanted to go on a long walk but couldn't because I had a job interview. Definitely not complaining about having an interview given the number of CV's I have sent out. It went fine - seemed like a nice man - basically he is interviewing 12 over qualified people for the job out of over 100 applicants - and all he is looking for is the person who will best fit into the group of people who already work there - totally understand where he is coming from with that as it is a small group of people and you don't want to stuff the dynamics up.

(Margaret - yes it was a spinning class. K goes to school where the IB programme is taught and their philosphy is a very well rounded one - they encourage academic achievement, community service and sporting activities. So, Fitness First in Southport have 'adopted' the academy and are offering these free classes for students, staff and parents so figured that seeing as I am currently unemployed, able to go and getting onto such an exercise kick, I would make the most of the opportunity. They originally offered classes twice per week but after the turnout on Tuesday - 7 or 8 students and 5 parents- they have canned the second class until they get the numbers on the Tuesday class up a little)

Today was not a good day foodwise - took too long walking so didn't have time to make and eat lunch before I left for the interview. Bought a $2 sushi on my way there (and could have had lunch at home as I was too early but lots of road works on the way always makes me nervous about being late). After the interview I had a gelato and then went into Coles to get some groceries to cover my free parking and bought chocolate covered liquiorice. Scoffed that down before I even got to the shady park when I sat and read until it was time to get K from school !!!! Nothing like not even enjoying the wrong food !!! And then the guilt and regret set in - why did I do that ? I don't know. Did I need to eat it ? No. Did I savour and enjoy each mouthful ? Definitely not - so I ask again, why did I do it ? And the worst part is, I still don't know !!!! So I am going to have a peach for dinner tonight even though I made the best curry in the slow cooker - A&K had bunny chows and enjoyed every mouthful from what I can make out !!

After getting K from school, I came home and hit the books - did I need to ? No actually I didn't because they didn't ask one bloody origin or insertion point !!!!! A got home and we chatted a while before I had to leave - now I am on my way to have my peach and then have a nice soak in the bath with my book.

Tomorrow will be a better day - I will finish the housework for this week and I will go on a nice long walk. Who would have thought that I would turn into a walking junky ????? I just LOVE getting out there and clocking up the steps on my pedometer - while it was rather expensive, it is certainly very motivating to have on each day.

Thought for the day : Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help to create the fact.

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