Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A funny thing ....

happened tonight. I had decided that I was going to walk after seeing my client and having dinner (I decided that at the beginning of the week). While I was chatting to my client before she left, I remembered the second 1500 flyers which had arrived that hadn't been delivered yet, so decided that I would kill two birds with one stone and deliver while I walked (it does slow me down a little but that's OK).

I left home at about 8.40pm - I don't think any of my South African friends read this but they would not believe that I can go walking around my neighbourhood at that time of the night and still be safe - that amused me for a while !!!

Now, the thing with delivering at night is - it isn't that easy to actually see where the post box is - especially when there is dodgy street lighting (blast the council for not replacing blown light bulbs in the street lights !!!). Then, when I am lucky enough to find the post box, the next trick is trying to see if there is a No Junk Mail sticker on it - again, not that easy when there is no light as my eyesight is shot at the best of times. Then if I manage to decipher that there isn't a No Junk Mail sticker - I have to work out do I lift the lid, drop it in or push open the flap to the post box it get the flyer in there. Of course this can only happen after I have bumbled my way along the grass verge - nearly twisting my ankle in the pesky holes that seem to abound at night time (I am sure they aren't there when I walk that way during the day). In the meantime I have managed to trip over uneven pavements and driveway edges all the while looking to see if I can see an elusive post box ! Some people are very accomodating and have sensor lights - the only trouble is that I nearly died of fright every time one of the bloody lights switched on. And, because there are dog lovers amongst my readers (yes, I know you are reading Kathy !!!), I won't mention what I thought of the dogs who barked and scared the cr*p out of me as I walked up their driveway !!!!!

All in all - about 140 people will take my flyer out their post box tomorrow and read about what I have to offer - maybe someone will phone to book an appointment or maybe they will tuck the flyer away and think about phoning at another time when they have more disposable income or more time on their hands. But, as long as I am out there telling people about what I have to offer, I have done what I can for now to promote my business.

This is a little philosophical but while I was walking I was thinking about how my weight loss journey has been a little like delivering the flyers at night - there have been things along the way which have tripped me up but I have had to just keep going - doing the best that I can. And, there have been those moments, like walking up the driveway and have the sensor lights turn on, where the light has turned on for me and I have realised that something I was or wasn't doing, was or wasn't helping me in my weight loss e.g. last year when I was at lectures, I very rarely ate dinner when I got home - I may have eaten a box of biscuits or a packet of chips or picked up some chips and a milkshake on the way home but I can think of maybe a hand full of occasions when I sat down and ate a meal. This year I have realised that if I don't eat a meal when I get home, I am not doing myself any favours and that hard work that I put in the rest of the day in terms of what I am eating and the exercise I am getting, is just going to waste because by not eating any dinner, I am just messing my body around and it won't like me for doing that.

Maybe I should continue to deliver flyers at night - maybe I will do some more thinking and come up with some amazing theories on things I didn't know I knew !!!

Have a great day everyone and take care !

Thought for the day: A good way to repay a kindness is to pass it on.


Kathy Shell said...

PMSL when I read, 'And, because there are dog lovers amongst my readers (yes, I know you are reading Kathy !!!), ';-).

A EXCELLENT post me :-).

A lot of times when i am learning to do somethis, such as when reading about, 'how to write', I see all the things I learned while learning to paint, apply to learning other things.

Also when recently painting a hores portrait with some degree of dificulty I was reflecting that the steps I had learned in progressing through the task were the same steps I can apply to striving for increased health through nutrition and activity.

I found it so interesting and helpful to see you too, saw how the one thing you do, gives you life skils to apply to other seemingly unrelated projects.

I think we take from everythig we do in life and can use much of those skills to help us in other unrelated fields.

Also great the way when we have quiet moments, like when you were walking, how that time is so valuable to help pull together useful and motivational thougts, which you just expressed so well.

very helpful post :-)

Jules said...

Well, I don't know about continuing your darkness deliveries, although you got the mind going I'm sure you are in danger of twisting your ankle and doing yourself a whole lot of damage, LOL!! Maybe you could just ponder life as you look at people's gardens??

M said...

Wow. I think coming here was like setting of a sensor light. What a brilliant post. You are definitely heading the right way for both of your tasks at hand. And both of them will be successful. *hugs*

Its all about me said...

Come out... come out wherever you are...

Lee-Anne said...

I'm afraid I'd have to agree with Jules. Day time deliveries sound much better - less injuries, wits in tact.

Hope your efforts paid off and you got a few phone calls.

You're a very busy lady. I know how hard it is making everything all fall into place. Make sure you squeeze in a bit of time for yourself to do something fun.