Monday, March 29, 2010

A rest day

I really need to try to keep a positive attitude about my job - it is not easy ! In March last year I got a 4 month contract with the local council - 12 months later I am still there - not from choice but because there are so few other jobs out there. I have applied for I don't know how many, have received a couple of 'thanks but not thanks' letters, have had one interview and came 'a close second' to their final choice candidate, and have not heard back from more than I have heard back from. While I understand this can be a time consuming task for private companies, when employment agents don't even get back to me I get REALLY annoyed. Isn't that what their job is - to find people and at least reply to people who send in their CV's for a role. My current job is so up to date I could walk out of there tomorrow and be satisfied that nobody was going to walk into a mess at all - given the state of the role when I first arrived there, that is no mean feat. I am trying so hard to stay positive that my dream role is out there but every day that I continue to have to deal with burocratic cr*p, it gets harder and harder. I am not used to working in an environment that is so stuck in the past that they will not even CONSIDER changing a process to something that is more beneficial. Honestly, I need to change the whole way I think to work here and I am worried that I am going to lose the ability to work in commerce if I stay here too long. I just KNOW that my dream role is out there and I HAVE to stay positive so that it comes my way but my patience is starting to run thin.

This is certainly not helping my healthy way of eating because all I want to do each day is attack the vending maching - to help make my day better. There is a part of me that KNOWS that eating chocolate will not make my job any different but there is also a part of me that wants the comfort of chocolate to get through the day. I am bored with what I am doing and the only way I know to get around this is to eat chocolate. The good thing is that so far I have managed to curb these wants and occasionally have one of those little mini chocolates - that is better than nothing at all.

Today I have not reached my 10,000 steps but my goal is to reach 10,000 5 days a week - I know that Monday is not a good day for us to exercise much. After work we can do a little bit of something before it is time to go to yoga. Today we picked up the bikes from getting serviced - it was like getting a new bike again !!! - and then cycled for about 40-45mins before screaming home to change and get to yoga. While 5,500 steps is not a fantastic effort, along with the ride and yoga I am happy that I have made the best effort I could with the time I had available.

Tomorrow morning I am taking A to get a skin cancer cut out of his leg. I am really annoyed about this because 4yrs ago when he first had this sore on his leg that wouldn't heal I asked him to go and get it checked out but he didn't until last week and now it is an invasive type of cancer and there is a lump which has already formed under the skin. The problem now is that because they have to cut it out and it is on the front of his shin, there isn't much excess skin to be able to pull together to stitch up so there is a good possibility that he will have to have a skin graft - all because he didn't go and get it checked out when I said - or on any other occasion between then and now when he has been to the doctor about any other problem !!! Men - sometimes you have to just wonder why they don't listen ?????

Other that that - today has been a good day. Managed to fight off the sugar cravings with a little crunchie and some sugar free chewing gum (something that I never eat but thought it would be better than the big chocolate that I really wanted !!!).

TFTD : One of the best ways to realise that age is an illusion is to have your body get older and realise that you are who you have always been.

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