Friday, April 2, 2010

A holi-holi-holiday !

The good news is that A got the all clear on the lump that was removed - so huge relief over that. Now it is a case of waiting to see if the cut heals or whether he will need a skin graft.

We have had a good few days - lots of exercise - walking and cycling and food has been pretty good except for Thursday at work when I had four little solid easter eggs - I really enjoyed them but I don't think that counts for anything ! I need to be more focused on what I am putting into my mouth. We each have one Lindt easter bunny for Sunday - can't make up my mind whether to just eat it all in one sitting and be done with it or spread it over a period of time. Will see how I feel on Sunday. While we are enjoying the exercise, it really is to help counter-act the effects of the chocolate !!!!!

I landed up working at Coles last night - not my first choice of how to spend the evening but it helps with the money seeing as I only worked 3 days this week.

Tomorrow we have hired a high pressure cleaner to clean the outside tiles - Easter is our annual clean up weekend and I love when we are finished and the tiles are all nice and clean again - it is amazing how dirty they get from one year to the next.

We don't have much else planned - K is working tomorrow. We want to do some longish cycles and lots of walks. I have managed every day, except Monday,to have over 10,000 steps so am really pleased with my efforts in that department.

Sorry this is a little dis-jointed, I am half listening to the TV, half listening to A & K talking and thinking I should go and join them rather than be on the computer.

Will come back another time this weekend and post again !

Have a great Easter break - take care and go safely.

TFTD : Whoever is happy will make others happy too.

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