Sunday, April 18, 2010

A great weekend !

I can't believe that the weekend is over - the good thing is that we have managed to accomplish so much.

Friday night I promoted my business, The Body and Feet Retreat, at a friend's kindy's Ladies Night and it was really worthwhile. I got to bookings and heaps of enquiries which was great - all for the princely sum of $10 and the donation of a free reflexology treatment.

Saturday morning K and I went to a really good yoga class. After that K went to work and A and I went to Brisbane. We visited a friend in hospital who is doing really well and may be allowed to go home tomorrow. After that we drove the route of the 50km bike ride that we are going to ride at the end of June - boy do we have a whole heap of hill work to do in order to complete this race without killing ourselves !!!! The hills are more numerous, steeper and longer than what we have around here so we have our work cut out for us. BUT, they are all do-able - it is just that more training would mean an easier ride. I know that it is all in the gears, but I was still a little startled when I saw some of the hills - we will get there I know. A says that he is more worried about all the other people cycling with us and avoiding us stacking it more than he is worried about the hills !!!

We stopped off at DFO on our way home and, I can now shop at Lorna Jane !!!!!!!! - YAY because their clothes are so comfy - am waiting until I am closer to goal before I go back again ! Got home and then took the dogs for a really long walk to get my steps for the day over the 10,000 mark and got caught in the rain on the way home so had a nice hot bath to warm up.

This morning we were going to cycle down to Broadbeach to the markets there but once we started, we realised that there was a fairly strong head wind so we decided to go along a road that has a few hill. I was so excited when I got to the top of the first hill which I have been DREADING cycling because I didn't think I would make it - BUT I DID !!!!! I was soooooooooo excited. Anyway, we didn't get quite as far as we wanted to go because half way up the last long hill, I wasn't sure I would make it home if we went all the way to the top so we turned around - I was disappointed afterwards because I felt as if I had stuck it out I probably would have made it. Next time I am not going to stop half way !

We got home and then went out and bought some slicks for our moutain bikes at a really good price and swopped the jeans we bought the other night from black to demin. After that we to Anaconda to swop the speedo that A had bought for my bike and the guy we saw was just amazing. He really knew his stuff and we spoke about getting new road bikes. The bottom line is we went back and landed up buying new bikes - unfortunately, we had taken our bikes there for him to see and then we had 6 bikes and a bike holder for 4 bikes so K and I waited there with the other two until A could get home and drop the first 4 bikes off. By the time we got home it was too late to go cycling - how disappointing !!!!!!! But, they are all ready and waiting for us to use them tomorrow.

A was busy putting the speedos on the new bikes when we decided to go walking except by then it was raining. So we waited 10 mins and it was fine to go walking ! Managed to get my 10,000 steps up by running on the spot for 80 steps before I had a bath. I have twinged the muscle in my right quad and am off to massage it a bit and put some heat on it and hopefully it will be all right for me to try out the new bike - I can't wait !!!!!!

We have had a great weekend and next weekend we are off to Melbourne - life is good right now ! Take care and have a great week.

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Yvonne said...

And how you deserve life to be good!