Sunday, June 13, 2010

I did it !!!!

Today A and I went up to Brisbane to cycle 'the hill' before the race on 27th June. We did it - twice ! Man it feels good. What I did notice was that, you know how sometimes things seem to be much bigger issues in your head than they actually are - well that is what it was like with the hill - some of the hills that we did a few weeks ago when all three of us were cycling were WORSE than 'the hill' today !!!! Clearly 'the hill' had grown in stature in my head but now that I know that I have conquered it twice, it doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore. I am REALLY glad that we did the other hills so that I know what to expect when we get to them on 27th !!!

I wonder how often in life I have imagined something was going to be worse than what it turned out to be - how many times I have worried about issues that never happened, or wasted energy on something that never materialised ? Today was such a great example of how powerful your mind is - in my head, this hill was maybe going to be impossible for me to get to the top of but in reality, it wasn't anything like that - I made it up there twice in the space of about an hour. I really would like to keep this incident alive to remind myself that often the reality is not as bad as the imaginary !!!!

I had to laugh at A - when we were on our way back to turn around and do the hill the second time, I overtook him and was riding ahead of him and as we turned I asked if we could stop and make some adjustments to my bike. Anyway, before we pulled out again he said that I should ride ahead of him because he could see how much weight I had lost and how sexy my butt looked ! It made me feel really good to know that he had noticed it and that he cared enough to comment on it. I am always the one cycling at the back - whether there are two of us or three of us. A was an international athlete, K probably had the potential to compete at a really high level of whatever sport she chose had she chosen one, but me, I will always be the fat girl who lost weight and just likes to exercise - I will always be the one at the back of the pack but that is OK. I bet that even though K has done less training than me, she will beat the pants off me come the day and that is fine she is 27yrs younger and about 13kgs lighter than me so she probably should beat the pants off me.

I am off to shower and then attack some chores that very kindly waited for me to finish cycling and get home so that I could get them done.

TFTD : Every huge success starts out as one simple thought.


Dreaming of the New Me said...

Well done for conquering the hill and Oh my A lol how cute was that. What a compliment that was. You are such and inspiration Me.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Whoo hoo! Our heads and our thinking have a lot to answer. We need to off switch. You really are inspiring :-)