Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This is what the post-it note that is stuck to the top of my computer says. I am hoping that it will help me to remember what it is that I am working to achieve – a healthy lifestyle as well as some weight loss. This is to help me think about what I am putting into my mouth BEFORE I put it into my mouth rather than sit regretting it after I have eaten it.

My weight has been creeping up this week which is not the way I want it to go but it is because I have not been as focussed as I was a few weeks ago. I have found excuses for why I should have the extras and felt that it would all be good – but it isn’t and I need to get it all back to being good quickly !!!!

Kathy also suggested that maybe just walking isn’t enough to burn off the excess calories now that we are so much fitter than we used to be. We did the 4th in the 5 race Corporate Challenge Series on Sunday and knocked another 1 mins 50 secs off our time. This means that over the course of the three races we have taken part in (there was one race on while we were away) we have knocked 3 mins 50 secs off the time we did in the first race – that has to mean that we are getting fitter but I think it also means that I have to work harder to burn the excess off. Kathy also said that with the time limits that she has she is trying to work harder for the same period of time rather than just for a longer period of time. So tonight we jogged for sections of the walk along the side streets – sometimes it is a little difficult with the dogs – if I run with Alfie, he almost pulls me along whereas sometimes with Rosie she tends to dawdle and doesn’t keep up with me !!!!! Will try this for the next week to see what sort of results I get – OK, I probably need to try it for more than a week but you know what I mean. My legs didn’t feel heavy at all which was great.

I am tossing up the idea of going to a personal trainer for 30 mins a week – don’t think I could do more than a 30 min session. I asked Al if he would come with me and he said a flat out no thanks. I asked him if he would like to think about it and he said no thanks, he did two years conscription in the navy and said that he doesn’t want someone telling him what to do !!!! I asked if he could think of it as them training him but he isn’t keen. K said she would come with me so need to seriously think about whether this is what I want or not. It will tie up more of my time but I think if I could use him (one of my client’s husband) to tone up my arms, legs, tummy and butt, it would serve a purpose. Will let you know what I decide. Of course, if you have any stories about what to look out for with a personal trainer, I would love to hear from you.

I am going to try to have an early night tonight. Despite my history of sleeping better when I exercise, this is not happening. I wake up at least once or twice, sometimes even three times, an hour and I am soooooooo tired. I don’t understand how I can be so tired but not be able to sleep – it just doesn’t make sense.

I am not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow – I am expecting a gain but that is totally my own fault. I have not been nearly careful enough with what I have been eating but today, the first day of the rest of my life, I have had a good day. I haven’t eaten anything I am not supposed to eat, I have exercised (including some running) and I have remained focussed on my goal of losing some more weight.

TFTD : Self-worth makes you extremely attractive.


Dreaming of the New Me said...

When I read your post it is like reading me. Thanks for the comment on my blog my friend. We will get there in the end I just know it.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

I had a personal trainer for a little while and wow, what a difference to the way I work out. One of the biggest things I learned was how to run. It's worth trying out even for a few sessions. Get them to look over what you already do in a week to which they can offer suggestions. Choosing a PT is a lucky draw though. Ask around your social circles to see if anyone can recommend someone. There are some dodgy people out there and they don't have to act like drill sergeants. My PT was the sweetest but still firm. Maybe try a bootcamp for women or something first to get a taste??