Monday, May 17, 2010

The birthday week that was

Well the birthday week is over after much celebrating and eating and drinking - thank goodness birthdays only come around once a year - except of course if you are born on 29th February in which case they only come around once every four years. The only problem is that everyone's birthday comes around once a year so in actual fact you land up celebrating more than just once a year if you add up everyone's birthday that you celebrate you would find that some months it would be hard to get through the month without more than a few birthdays sneaking up on you - this makes it hard to lose weight when you don't want to offend anyone by picking at your meal or their birthday cake or snacks or whatever they have provided you to eat and drink. But, celebrate with our friends and family we do and then hope that we can increase our exercise enough to work off the additional calories we ate and drank in the celebrations.

K had a wonderful birthday week and it was fantastic watching her enjoy the time with her family and friends but I am glad that we can return to some sort of normalacy now. I have been doing the best I can with the food choices available and have increased my exercise where possible so the scales are showing a loss so far this week taking me (up to today) to a loss just under 17kgs. I am happy about that but just wish that I could shed these last 15kgs quicker - mind you I think I also keep moving the goal posts because originally I said I wanted to lose 30kgs - now that has crept up to 32kgs - maybe what I should do is have a look at how I feel and look when I get closer and then decide on the number but for now, the number seems soooooooooooooooooo far away and I want it to be closer. I guess eating those extra snacks and biscuits won't help, will they ?????

We did a 48km cycle yesterday in preparation for the race at the end of June - the first 20kms incorporated hills along Turpin Rd, Johnstone St and Ferry Rd down to Broadbeach but then the cycle home, via the Spit was all flat - not good preparation for hills but good preparation for butt time on the saddle as the ride landed up being about 2.5hrs. Will be doing more of these rides over the coming weekends.

I have a couple of repeat clients booked in this week which is always good - I am still planning on getting my walking/cycling in every day because I need to do it to achieve my weight loss goals. This week I have stuck to my promise to only not exercise if I had something else on or was injured in some way - I have had lots on but I haven't been injured so have exercised at every opportunity and I do believe that that has helped with my weight loss this week - of course the party on Friday night could still catch up with me and if I don't stop sneaking a few extra biscuits for my afternoon tea, it is definitely going to show up so I guess I had better get my act together before weigh-in on Thursday morning.

Someone asked me a while ago if I was happy with my weight loss and I said to her that it was slower than I would have liked but faster than I expected and I put this down to the fact that I am more consistent with my exercise than I have every been before. Previosuly I might have done my 30 mins 3 x per week and that would have been it - if I was really daring I might have done it 4 x per week whereas now we are walking the dogs almost every day (at least 6 out of 7 days) and cycling on top of that when we can plus our walks are faster and longer. What I don't want to happen is that I become complacent about what I have lost which I think is beginning to happen hence the extra 1 or 2 biscuits for my snacks which can sometimes turn into another 5 or 6 at night when I am finished with my clients and feeling a little peckish - yes, I could probably have a fruit cup but how interesting is that ??????? I used to think that would be fine to have - now I don't so I need to find that part of my brain that says, when you want something sweet late at night, have a fruit cup instead of a handfull of biscuits. If you find that part of my brain anywhere on your travels, please send it home to me.

On that note, I am off to bed - a lovely, electric blanket warmed bed that is going to keep me cozy until A gets home from work.

Take care and be good to yourselves !


kathy shell said...

your commitment to regular exercise has certinly made a difference, well done :-), You have earned those great results.

Julie's journey said...

17kgs is amazing and inspiring. Breaking it down into 5kg increments seems to be helping me at the moment.