Friday, May 21, 2010

The weekend is here !

There were times during this week when I wondered if the weekend would ever arrive – but it has and I am happy !

Unfortunately the Saturday morning yoga classes have been cancelled as the yogi’s husband now has to work on a Saturday so won’t be starting my weekend with a yoga class anymore which is a little sad but these things happen.

I have one client booked in and someone else interested in an appointment so will wait to see if anything eventuates with the second client. Other than that, I have to go for a blood test in the morning and then that is probably me for the day. I might take some time out and try to rest up a little – I haven’t been feeling all that flash this past week and wonder if maybe we are overdoing the exercise a little. A keeps reminding me that rest is an important part of exercise – maybe tonight will be a good night to have off seeing as it is raining and, while I know we won’t melt, A’s chest is not all that good and the chances of him getting sick as a result of walking in the rain are rather high. I would rather forego one night’s walk and not have a sick husband than the other way around !

We had a look at the paperwork that we have received for the race next month – BIG BUGGER – they don’t close the roads to traffic while we are cycling – BUGGER, BUGGER, BUGGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did we miss seeing that somewhere before we registered (probably because we didn’t have the paperwork we have just received or maybe we just didn’t read all the pages on the website !!!!!) – so, now do I not only have to make sure to stay clear of any cyclists who may have stacked it ahead of me but I have to worry about bloody cars driving right next to me as well !!!!! Bet there aren’t any cycle tracks along the route to help us either !!!! This is getting to be more than a little harder than I originally anticipated but, it will all be good when we are finished, in one piece (I hope) and proud of what we have achieved !

My eating is going along at an OK kind of pace – I am doing my own breakfast and having a L&E meal in a bowl for lunch and then the L&E dinner but I am finding that I am spending more time thinking about what I would really really like to eat and that is probably because I am bored at work. I need to find a job that is challenging and busy (not in a frantic way but enough to just keep me going the whole day) that tests my brain and what I am capable of achieving. I did see a job yesterday that I want to apply for but I know that it was advertised about 3 or 4 months ago so have to wonder what happened to the person who was appointed – should probably check to see if I applied for it when I saw it that time ago. You would think that if their first choice person didn’t work out (for whatever reason), they would have looked at other candidates who applied. Never mind, I will send my application off tonight and see if anything comes of it.

TFTD : When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability …. to be alive is to be vulnerable.

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